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Juicy Edge is a top-down slasher full of fruits, snacks and fast food trying to take revenge on you. Slice them as much as you can and stay alive.

Belkathon nomination: Best Hypercasual game

Key Features

  • Fight fruits
  • Buy skins and weapons
  • Explore worlds
  • Enjoy original soundtrack


Azat Bariev

Unity programmer, Lead Programmer


Telegram: @Ziucay

Email: justlumajustmail@gmail.com

Ruslan Fedorov


Game Designer, Unity Programmer

Telegram: @fed0rus

Email: anarsis007@gmail.com

Timur Rameev

3D Artist, Sound Designer

Telegram: @timrrrr

Email: timur17rameev@gmail.com

Alena Zavideeva

Vector artist

Telegram: @zavideevaa

Email: alenaz2304@gmail.com

Artur Denislamov

Team leader, Game Designer

Telegram: @denislamovarthur

Email: denislamovartur@gmail.com


Juicy Edge.apk 22 MB

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